Academic Staff

Director: Dr Christopher Tubb
Prior to joining the University Christopher worked in a number of industrial electronics roles, on instrumentation and environmental testing, and as technical support and programming for room controllers and audio visual equipment

Associate: Andrew Bellamy

Associate: Dr Torbjorn Dahl
University of Plymouth

Associate: Dr Richard French
Richard French obtained his B.Sc. in computer science with artificial intelligence in 1998 and his Ph.D in biologically-motivated learning in autonomous robots in 2002, both from the University of Southampton.
Furthering his interest in biomimetic robotics, he carried out research at the Science and Technology Research Centre, University of Hertfordshire, as Post Doctoral Research Fellow with the European HUMAINE robotics project.
Dr. French has worked on various civilian and military research projects such as the ‘Saliency’ mechanism for smarter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (presented at GIS Research UK, 2006), with the intended applications including the automatic spotting of sites of archaeological interest via processing hyper-spectral imagery. His interests include artificial life, computational neuroscience, cognitive robotics, archaeology and frighteningly hot curry, and hopes one day to help build Skynet

Associate: Dr John Williams
John has worked for over 35 years in the field of Management and Information Technology, including 15 years in the international arena, in such areas as the UK, The Middle East, the Far East and Australia. His qualifications include an MBA, an MSc in IT Management, and a PhD in “Strategy and IT in SME’s”. This experience and qualifications were put to good use at Newport University, in the form of a combination of ERDF/ESF industry collaborative projects, undergraduate and postgraduate lecturing, and external examiner work. During his 10 years at The Newport University, John carried out Business/ICT consultancy for over 100 SME’s including companies in Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Electronics, Clinical Services, Agriculture, Construction, Engineering, Shipping, Clothing Manufacture, Food, Legal Practices, Accountancy, Vocational Training and Transport

Research Students

Tameem Chowdhury
Director of Studies: Dr Christopher Tubb

Craig Jenkins
Director of Studies: Dr Torbjorn Dahl
Title: Microworlds: Building Powerful Ideas in the Secondary School

Andreas Panakos
Director of Studies: Dr Torbjorn Dahl
Title: Auotmated Common Visual Platform for Product Inspection

Georgios Pierris
Director of Studies: Dr Torbjorn Dahl
Title: Roboskin

Hamse Yusouf
Director of Studies: Dr Christopher Tubb
Title: A Risk Homeostasis Cloud Migration Methodology (RCM2)


Jie Ma
Dr Jie Ma